Behind The Scenes – Recording The Score

With Victoria Wijeratne and the Bergersen Quartet

On the 5th March this year the score for Siren was recorded at Kore Studios in West London.
Composed by Victoria Wijeratne and performed by the Bergersen Quartet.

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The edit, sound design, grade and score

Its been many months since we first rolled camera on Siren on a wet windy beach near Beachy Head, before the day turned into a scorcher while filming on a dramatic picturesque cliff overlooking the sea below. But those months have been busy months of post-production and now with the end in sight we take a look back at the process.

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Victoria Wijeratne // Composer

Meet the crew Q&A

 Vicky W

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?
I’m 25 years old, currently a music producer & film music composer living in West London. I have a vast amount of experience working in music spanning 5-6 years.

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