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Meet The Crew – Q&A’s

Louise Marie Cooke // Writer & Director … 15 May 2013
Laura Bellingham // Director of Photography … 18 May 2013
Victoria Wijeratne // Composer … 21 May 2013
Neil Fergusson // Editor … 24 May 2013
Anna Page // Production Designer … 28 May 2013
Elizabeth Pencavel // Assistant Director … 30 May 2013

Production Updates

Production Update! … 15 February 2013
Casting Update … 19 April 2013
Locations … 7 May 2013
Production Diary 1 … 29 May 2013
Production Diary 2 … 5 June 2013
Production Diary 3 … 15 June 2013
The Shoot … 23 June 2013
Post-Production … 15 March 2014
Behind The Scenes – Recording The Score … 2 April 2014

Elizabeth Pencavel // Assistant Director

Meet the crew Q&A


How did you get into filmmaking, did you start out wanting to be an Assistant Director?
I wanted to make films from a young age, but I became a 1st Assistant Director quite by accident!  When I was working at the BBC a friend was making a BBC short drama and asked me to 2nd AD, at the time I didn’t really know what a 2nd AD did, but I took on the opportunity and found that I loved it.  I’m a very organised person and also creative, so I quickly made the leap to 1st AD working on low-no budget films to build up my CV and eventually started working freelance on bigger shoots and features.

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Anna Page // Production Designer

Meet the crew Q&A

Anna Page

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?
I am originally from Bristol, where I studied at Bristol School of Art specialising in film and animation. I then spent four years living in Leeds and Canada, studying English and History of Art and working for different film festivals. I now live in south London.

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Neil Fergusson // Editor

Meet the crew Q&A


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?
I’m a freelance film/video editor. I mostly work in factual broadcast and film.

However I try and keep involved in smaller more ‘local’ stuff like short films and music videos, because when you work with such a small crew/group of people it can be a nice break from the more hefty (but equally rewarding) experience of editing for broadcast.

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Victoria Wijeratne // Composer

Meet the crew Q&A

 Vicky W

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?
I’m 25 years old, currently a music producer & film music composer living in West London. I have a vast amount of experience working in music spanning 5-6 years.

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