Crowdfunding Spotlight // Siren

Interview with Siren’s writer and director Louise Marie Cooke, on inspiration, the production and thoughts on crowdfunding

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siren.filmA short film about desire and identity…..

We chat to the writer and director of Siren, Louise to find out more….

Can you start by telling us a little about ‘Siren’ and what the film is about?
Siren is a live action short film about a young woman in her mid-twenties called Elizabeth. She lives in a small coastal village and feels her life is very sheltered and often feels trapped. She could leave but she hasn’t, she’s a confused and frustrated woman. She has an on/off mostly sexual relationship with a local man called Tom and though she does have some emotional connection to him it doesn’t quite fulfill her. Then she meets an older Spanish woman who is visiting the village she lives in and begins to feel emotions she hasn’t really ever felt so deeply before – lust, desire, passion, obsession even.


What is the…

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