The Shoot

A quick and snappy four day diary

Wednesday 19 June

Tuesday night we picked up the equipment and headed south from London to Lewes, East Sussex. Two hour car journey later we arrived at, just in time to catch a few hours sleep before getting up in the early hours the following morning to catch the breaking light across the sea at the incredible location of Birling Gap.

photo (7)

It was such a beautiful setting to shoot the climatic scene of Siren, and the weather seemed to be on our side with the rain stopping just in time to start filming.

photo (5) photo (6)

By afternoon we moved west across to Newhaven for another exterior location. By this time the sun was baking hot and more than one of us got a little bit burnt that day! Wasn’t it supposed to be the hottest day of the year?

photo (1)

A long tough days filming in the sun wrapped and we made our way back to London to begin all again the next day!

Thursday 20 June

For day two we moved onto the pivotal scenes between our lead character Elizabeth, and the women of her desires, Sirena. Shooting in a small apartment, back in London, that quickly got very very hot.

The setting for today was the sexy exotic Sirena’s dingy cheap B&B room that she has transformed into her own style with personal objects and keepsakes she takes with her wherever she goes.

set design

Friday 21 June

Back in London and we moved to Walthamstow, E17 to film in a pub in the morning before heading south the entire length of the Victoria line to Brixton to shoot the cinema scene. One heck of a unit move!

Whirled Cinema 2

Saturday 22 June

The final day of the shoot and to double as the coastal town that Elizabeth lives in we used the old part of Walthamstow village, making use of the amazing old Tudor building that still remains.

Here we filmed the fateful first meeting between Elizabeth and Sirena which is the catalyst for the feelings of lust that develop.


Author: sirenfilm

Siren is a new short film written and directed by Louise Marie Cooke. I am currently looking for funding for this project and hope to film around May.

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