Laura Bellingham // Director of Photography

Meet the crew Q&A


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?
I’m a freelance cinematographer specialising in drama, commercials, promos and documentaries.

What made you get behind a camera?
I always wanted to be a writer, but then I fell in love with stills photography at school, for me cinematography is where these dualistic passions fuse.

What film or films have influenced you the most?
So many and for different reasons. The first film that made me think about cinematography as an art was Days of Heaven.


What DoP’s do you admire and respect?
Again, many Dps for many different reasons, names that come to mind are Robert Richardson – always amazing and Robbie Ryan for his beautiful and instinctive style

What film do you wish you had worked on?
Winter’s Bone, gripping and unusual film.


Best on set experience?
Everytime, getting to be the first one to see an actor’s performance through the viewfinder. Seeing everyone’s hard work and talent coming together on screen.

Worst on set experience?
Getting lost on a unit move in hackney marshes for a good hour!

Finally, favourite on set must have, gets you through the day, drink or snack?
Secret stash of cereal bars in my kit bag, if I get time to eat one.

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Author: sirenfilm

Siren is a new short film written and directed by Louise Marie Cooke. I am currently looking for funding for this project and hope to film around May.

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