The exterior world of Siren

A while back we went on a recce to the south coast and after a long, cold and very windy day we found a few perfect places in which to set Siren.




Peacehaven, East Sussex: The Setting for Elizabeth and Tom’s rendezvous cliff side tryst.

026 028 030


Seaford, East Sussex: The location for Elizabeth’s dramatic finale at dawn.

As well as filming on the south coast we will also be filming the in land ‘village’ locations in London.



Walthamstow village, London: The setting for the first moment that Elizabeth meets Serina and becomes captivated.

walthamstow1 walthamstow3 walthamstow4

 A small village, too small to hold Elizabeth, she longs to get away.

Author: sirenfilm

Siren is a new short film written and directed by Louise Marie Cooke. I am currently looking for funding for this project and hope to film around May.

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